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Off sick...but using my time productively

I am still around, just taking a break from posting for a while - no real excuse other than having nothing going on I feel is worth posting... Currently sitting in bed with a head cold (you know the thing, mucus filled, searing sinus pain etc...) trying to work out what it's safe for me to use (being diabetic I'm not meant to use decongestants...which makes the whole experience much more pleasant!). Anyway, I'm currently reading Managed DirectX  9- Graphics and Game Programming by Tom Miller (US) which is an amazingly good introduction to what is really a whole new world for most web oriented developers. Also plan to re-watch the .NET Show Tom Miller was on...exciting day planned! (Cold medication permitting, I'll probably fall asleep in 10 minutes)

Print | posted on Monday, December 06, 2004 10:18 AM | Filed Under [ .NET ]

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