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Dumb little recursive, generic FindControl method...

Doing some app building and I needed to use FindControl to manipulate a control in the OnItemCreated event in a Repeater...well, to save a bit of typing I came up with this extension method:


namespace Presentation


    public static class ControlHelper


        public static T FindControl<T>(this System.Web.UI.Control root, string controlId, bool recursive) where T: System.Web.UI.Control


            if(root.Controls!=null && root.Controls.Count>0 && root.FindControl(controlId) != null)


                return root.FindControl(controlId) as T;


            else if(recursive)


                return FindControl<T>(root, controlId, recursive);


            return null;





Pretty simple but it lets me do the following :

       var link = e.Row.FindControl<HyperLink>("MenuLink", true);

        if(link!=null) link.NavigateUrl="";

Not a HUGE time-saver but it just makes my code a bit tidier...

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# re: Dumb little recursive, generic FindControl method...

The code you posted will cause a stack overflow because you always pass in root.

2/25/2009 12:44 PM | David Fowler

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