Key concepts on how to make your home worth more

There are several ways to raise value to a home no matter it’s an apartment or a house. Of course, a house would always offer more possibilities when it comes to renovation projects. In this chapter we will discuss some of the key points to concentrate when it comes to visibly improving the value of a home.

  1. Add space - Creating space is always a number one priority when it comes to raising value of any home. This can be through the changing of the inner structuring, taking out walls, to make all the rooms look and feel bigger or it can be through the building or renovation of a loft area, the renovation of a basement or to create a winter garden or glass conservatory out of a terrace area. The only thing that’s important is, no matter what space you build or renovate make them become an organic part of the whole house and a liveable area where people can spend quality time no matter what weather is outside.

  2. Storage - Everyone has issues with their own storage, therefore increased storage space, especially when it’s included in the living area is a priority for everyone. Think about how you can make storage more practical and more with the help of built in closets, shelves and to use all dead space which you can find in your home to recreate as a storage area this or that way.

  3. The outdoor area - A nice garden is always extremely appealing. Many people who are looking for houses are doing so, because they would like to have some green area around them and a space where they can sit outside and enjoy the outdoors, especially during the warmer months. Building a deck or only putting a seating set in the garden that looks inviting enough would instantly turn things around.

  4. Kitchen and bathroom - A top priority for almost all the home sellers, today’s kitchen has to be as spacious as much as it’s possible. If the space is small, do your best to open it up or have a customized kitchen furniture to make space appear larger. Modern appliances is another must-have.

  5. Find the target audience - You need to take an honest look at your home, its possibilities and decide who the house be best for, and from then on it should be advertised accordingly. This may not sound like a big deal but in real it is. A home is not for everyone and targeted advertising or even staging would really bring you closer to being able to sell it much faster.

  6. Change the front door and recreate an elegant front door area - Front area is one of the key areas which make customers decide whether they want to see a home or not. If you have the resources it’s definitely worthwhile to improve your front door area even with a new door, plants or a fresh coat of paint.