The 5 key things most people look for in any suburban house

Now that we know all this let’s pick the 5 key things people generally look for and pick up on when visiting any home for the first time.

A great looking kitchen

If you want to invest in anything to make your home sell for a higher value and for it to sell as fast as possible is to renovate your kitchen. Anyone who is watching DIY and Home renovation related series knows the magical words: „Open concept kitchen”. Indeed the first thing most visitors will be looking at is the kitchen area. Is it big enough, spacious enough, does it contain all the things one would need while cooking and doing the house work? Do the countertops look great? Is everything spick and span and looks brand new? Is the kitchen organically part of the home and does it provide an easy access to the living room and other areas of the house?

A fantastic looking bathroom

Bathroom is the second most looked space in any house. As most families want to move right because of their current bathrooms being old, too small or simply run down, they want to see a hotel quality bathroom. Of course if you don’t have the money to change it all, you can still find ways to make it look better: a clean white color on the walls deep cleaning on and between all tiles and the changing of the taps generally does the job- If the countertop is really used and outdated, we would really suggest you to try invest in a new sink and countertop combination.

A good view and a great garden area

Most people look for a home in the suburbs because of the possibility to have a great view to the garden or green areaas. This means, if your home and garden area is surrounded by neighbouring houses and has a clear view to these, find the ways to gently block view to these houses. Bushes, hedges, trees can provide a great help with this, because the sight of neighbours in the garden is generally among the most off-putting factors when people look for a new home. Try to make the garden as nice and inviting as possible.

Storage, storage and more storage

Another key motive in moving for many is the lack of storage space in their current home. You need to find the ways to create storage space, without these occupying too much of the living space. Built-in closets, walk-in closets may serve as a great option for that. If you have any dead space or space which cannot be used, try to make it a laundry room with built-in shelving to add more storage to your home.

The chance for adding rooms

What’s really good in having a house is, that you have the chance to add additional living space no matter if it’s about a basement or if it’s about a loft or even about creating a conservatory or winter garden out of a balcony or terrace area, houses offer all these chances to add extra living areas. The good thing about adding living areas in your basement or loft is that these don’t require extra permissions most of the time.